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Academic Muscles Program

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Learn how to learn

Our Academic Muscles Program (AMP) is an individualized tutoring program that focuses on learning how to learn. While content-specific tutoring can be very helpful, often students can make greater improvements if they work on more general academic skills including those involving executive functioning, habit-building, effective studying, time management, as well as reading, writing, and math. ​​



4:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

and by appointment

  • Help students develop stronger organization and study skills using our unique, interactive lessons

  • Provide weekly progress reports to parents/guardians

  • Support students with IEPs/504s 

  • Motivate students to study effectively and/or complete assignments

  • Provide a fun and engaging learning environment


SKELETON: Content taught in schools

MUSCLES: Academic skills honed in AMP

about AMP

In the AMP program, we begin every session with a short conversation and mini-lesson on one particular academic skill. (See the full list of skills at the Lesson button below.) We then provide support for students as they complete homework, study for quizzes and tests, and complete essays and projects. With this structure, students feel both support and independence at the same time. 

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