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Learning Garden

Pick from the following programs

AMP Academic Muscles Program

Learn how to learn 
  • Full access to our learning centers in Canton and Medfield Monday through Thursday 4:00-6:00pm with extra sessions scheduled as needed. 

  • Weekly lessons using the Academic Muscles Program Workbook written by our very own educators. 

  • Weekly check on academic performance in all core classes. 

  • Weekly progress reports to parents / guardians. 

  • Communication with our tutors to problem solve any academic issues that emerge.

Growing the brain.png

GLEAM Genuine Learning Enrichment And More

Shine beyond the classroom

  • Full access to all of AMP (detailed above)

  • Full access to all ​monthly Career Learning Events (CLEs) in which students are invited to meet professionals to learn about their academic and career journeys. 

  • Full access to all enrichment workshops including those offered by authors, musicians, volunteers, small business owners, and other educators from in and around our communities.

Bridge Program

Bridging gaps in content areas

$499/month includes AMP, GLEAM, and Bridge
  • Full access to all of AMP (detailed above) 

  • Full access to content-specific tutors for live support in specific subject areas. 

Bridge in garden.png

LAUNCH Learn All You Need to Create Habits, Health, and Happiness

Focus on major life goals

Price vary by program
  • These individual programs help learners of all ages launch into the next exciting phase of their lives:

    • Test prep for ISEE/SSAT, Advanced Placement, SAT/ACT, Uniform Bar Exam and more

    • Career coaching & interview prep

    • College essay support

    • Graduate school personal statements

    • Memoir writing group

    • Wellness group

    • More to come!


TEAMS Trust and Empowerment Aligned with Mission and Systems

Team-building workshops for schools and mission-driven  organizations

Price vary by program
  • Our certified DiSC® facilitators can help your school, organization, or business improve team culture with engaging and informative workshops. Start building more self-awareness, trust, and cooperation in your workplace by scheduling a free consultation with us today.

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