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Wildewood Learning Center Canton

600 Chapman Street  Canton, MA 02021

The door to enter our space is around the back of the building. Feel free to park anywhere in the back and come up the stairs to our suite. The waiting room is on the right and our classrooms are on the left.


Human connection

While online learning has played and will continue to play a positive and pivotal role in learning, we believe that true human connection happens best when people share a physical space. Teachers and students certainly can connect over Zoom, and we will continue to offer virtual meetings, but nothing can substitute for a cozy and comfortable place to be together while learning. Our center will provide a space with people of all ages to gather for a variety of opportunities. 



Canton's very first school

Our learning center is located in the building that once housed Canton's  Revere School. Thanks to Canton historian, George T. Comeau, the history of this beautiful building can be found in the Canton Citizen at the LINK HERE.  

This historic space dates back to 1827 and was originally called Schoolhouse No. 6 (pictured below) before it was expanded into the current building and renamed the Revere School in 1881. The Revere School had four classrooms and was just down the street from America's first copper mill (the Revere Copper Company) where Paul Revere continued to grow his successful manufacturing business.

Fresh air and natural light

Our learning center is flooded by natural light that flows through the large windows on three sides. Natural light has always been important to the classrooms in this building. In fact, students at the Revere School would crank open windows on the ceiling of the building to get more light and fresh air. This article, also written by George T. Comeau, recounts the open air concept that brought visitors from as far as Paris who wanted to see the innovative learning space in Canton. Our freshly-painted yellow walls symbolize the sunshine that continues to flow into the space. 

Trees and nature

The five classrooms in our learning center are each named after a different tree -- apple, bonsai, cedar, dogwood, and elm. Why trees? Because trees give us life. They start from a seed and then they grow tall. They give us shade, shelter, fruit, medicine, books, oxygen, and peace, among so many other things. We can all learn from the trees that grow around us, and in our learning center, we pay homage to trees, and to all of nature, as our great teacher. 

Come inside

Check out our beautiful new space that combines the magic of an old school house with the luxury of a brand new renovation!

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