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SAT Prep

For the Class of 2025 & the Class of 2026


Our small groups are a fun and productive way to prepare for the SAT! Check out these options:

Next class begins
July 15th 

OUR SMALL GROUPS (Spring 2025 for Class of 2026)

We run small-group SAT preparation courses before almost every SAT.

Our courses begin 8 weeks prior to the exam and meet once per week for 2 hours. 

For more details on exact test dates, see the College Board website linked here:

To inquire about a course and/or to register, please complete the form LINKED HERE.


Please note that you must complete the New Learner Registration form as well as the SAT Prep supplement form. Both should take just a few minutes to complete. 

Cost: $1,499 with payment plans available. 

6:30-8:30 PM


5:00-7:00 PM


5:00-7:00 PM


Other options

Call, text, or email today!

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