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Your College Essay: Let's Do This!

Dear Student, 

First, thank you so much for trusting us to support you with this very important part of your college application (and your life)! We are honored and very excited to work with you!

Second, please trust that this will not be a painful process. We know that writing, especially writing about yourself, can be difficult and scary. But we have no doubt that you can do it! We have never worked with a single student who failed to write a solid college essay and you won't be the first :) 


Third, before we meet, please try to complete the following THREE STEPS. It is NOT completely necessary that you complete these tasks before we meet, but they will help a TON! If you struggle with any one of these, just try your best and we can discuss when we meet. 

  1. Open the DOCUMENT LINKED HERE and make a copy of it so that you can type in it. (Go to “File” then “Make a Copy”). Add your name to the title of the document. You do NOT need to do anything with this just yet, as the video below will explain what to do with the document. 

  2. Share the document with us at and (Please use a personal Gmail if you have one. Some school districts do not allow a student to share a document with anyone outside of the school so often school email accounts will not work.)

  3. With that document open, watch the VIDEO LINKED HERE (even if you only watch the first 9 minutes, that's great!). We created this video to guide you through a brainstorming activity. Please complete this activity even if you have decided on a topic. Once you have completed the video (and paused it to write as necessary), you should have your document filled out, at least for the most part. 

Once you’re all done with these steps, we are ready to meet! If you are meeting with us virtually, please log into Zoom with the following information, or CLICK LINK HERE


Meeting ID: 798 693 2303 

Password: Shuman

If you are in person, please see the instructions to our learning center in Canton or in Medfield. 


Tara and Josh 

College Essay Coaches

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!

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