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College Essay Support:
What We Offer

Writing the college essay is not only an exciting rite of passage, but it is an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself and clarify your goals. Many students view the college essay as a dreadful task but if you choose our support, we first offer you a new paradigm: the college essay is a chance to stop in the present moment, reflect upon the past, and even plan for the future. In a busy senior fall, these tasks may seem daunting and annoying, but really, they can be very fulfilling. 

How can the teachers and tutors at Wildewood help you with the writing process? Let's talk "big picture," then logistics. 
371339-Flannery-O-Connor-Quote-I-write-because-I-don-t-know-what-I-think (1).jpg

Cost for individual tutoring hours range from $125-$225 depending on season, timing, and tutor. 

Small group sessions are also available.

Most students require 3-5 hours of support to complete their college essay. 

Very few students begin their college essay knowing what they are going to write about or how they will write it. In our first sessions, we work with students to connect with their own individuality, creativity, confidence, and curiosity. Once they connect with those precious parts of themselves, they can start to think about writing. 

Once students have an idea that they feel inspired to think and write about, we have many tools to support them in the writing process. Some students just need the encouragement and structure to get the words down. Others need clear instruction as to how to move forward. Depending on a student's needs, work style, motivation, and schedule, we adjust our tools to support the individual student. 

On a more practical level, we walk students through the following: 

1. Brainstorming activities

2. Factors to consider when choosing a topic 

3. Exemplar essays to spark creativity

4. Outlining ideas to get the writing started

5. Writing tips and tricks (timers are the best!)

6. Revising activities and advice

7. Editing activities and advice

8. Final proofread

(and check out this fascinating explanation of the word "proofread")

We meet in-person with students at our learning center in Canton or Medfield, Massachusetts (if possible) or remotely via Zoom. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!

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