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Paper Editing 

Questions & Answers

"Who would find our editing services useful?"

We help students, businesses, and individuals proofread and edit their papers, essays, marketing materials, and other work so that their work is ready to submit for grading or for publishing.

"Will you write a paper for a student?"  

Absolutely not. Ever. We are saddened by the option that students have to purchase papers online and we would never provide such work as we find it completely unethical.


Our services help students learn how to improve their writing in terms of syntax, grammar, diction, and organizational structure. Our writing tutors have extensive experience writing in both the corporate and academic fields and we are excited to help students and businesses improve their writing. 

"How fast can you help me?"

From the time that your written work is shared with us, we are able to provide comments and suggested edits within 2 business days.* Faster turn around time may also be available. *For works that are longer than five written pages, please expect 3-4 business days. 

"What will you give me after your review?"

Our tutors provide detailed written comments and suggestions about how to improve your writing. We also offer a live follow-up conversation or meeting to explain the comments and suggestions in more detail. 

"Where are you located?"

Our writing tutors are located all over the country and, thanks to virtual meeting platforms, can be available to students and businesses all over the world. 

"How much does it cost?"

Cost varies by the length of the work being reviewed. For a paper between 2-5 pages, a thorough review with suggested edits and follow-up conversation will cost approximately $100. 

"What if I want additional writing help?"

Depending on the experience, subject, and availability of our tutors, the hourly rates for our writing support services range from $55 to $120 per hour. In cases where financial hardship exists, we are happy to offer payment plans and discounted rates. 

"How do I get started?"

Call, email, or text us! We are happy to talk through options for your student or business.  781.571.9240

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