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Learning Pods

August 2020

Dear Parents, 

As a teacher, a mother, and a Type-A planner, I have great anxiety about the upcoming school year. Everything feels uncertain: schedules, childcare, health, happiness, and how in the world kids will keep learning. However, one reality is calming my anxiety right now: there are great educators available to help during this school year. As the owner of a Boston-area tutoring company and as a long-time tutor myself, I have seen the impact that a tutor can make on a student’s academic success. I saw that impact long before the pandemic, and I saw it even more so last spring. 

Immediately after schools closed last March, Wildewood Tutors helped dozens of families who were overwhelmed by homeschooling while trying to balance work schedules. We connected students with individual tutors and, in a more affordable model, we formed small “pods” of students who learned virtually with a grade-level teacher. These pods met over Zoom from March through June. This September, we want to help in a similar way. 

With many students likely to be home three or more days a week beginning in September, busy parents need help, even when their child’s teacher is providing lessons and school work. Unlike last spring, we expect schools to have higher academic expectations this year (like actual grades, perhaps?!?). Given the complexity of their upcoming schedules and virtual platforms (including Zoom, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Nearpod, Khan Academy, Pearson Realize, Scholastic News), many students will struggle to succeed on their own at home. 

This September, Wildewood Tutors is eager to continue what we have always loved to do: connect students and families with great tutors. We will continue to provide one-on-one tutors for reasonable rates, however, we also want to offer families even more affordable options. Thus, we are excited to relaunch our “learning pods,” small groups of students who will learn together for part of each school week. Typically, these students are siblings, friends, and/or neighbors. Their families are comfortable sharing a learning space.  

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your family during this school year, either with individual tutoring or learning pods, please reach out and we can further discuss your needs. 

Cheers to the adventure of the 2020-2021 school year! Together, we can do this. 



Tara Shuman 

Founder, Wildewood Tutors

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