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Learning Branches
Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know which branch is best?

We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation in-person or virtually to discuss what would be best for the student.

What if we don't use all monthly sessions?

There will likely be a few months when students do not use all of their sessions; our monthly prices already reflect this reality. However, if you miss a session in a month, you are welcome to roll it into a subsequent month. We generally do not prorate monthly charges for missed sessions, however, if a student begins mid-month, we will prorate the first month. 

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How do I schedule sessions?

For Academic Muscles Program sessions, CLICK HERE. For Subject Support, please connect with your individual tutor to schedule sessions. Links to individual tutor schedules are also HERE.

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How can I register to begin?

Please email, call, or text us and complete the New Learner Registration Form LINKED HERE. There is a $149 registration fee for new families. 

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